Bio-Groom is known worldwide for the very best in pet care products. Each category line from Shampoos & Conditioners to Flea & Tick, Wellness & Finishers are time-tested for effectiveness and safety. Each product is targeted to address specific issues about your pets coat & skin care needs. Bio-Groom for the love of your pet and the planet, nothing but the best!


Looking for the professional quality products used on the top show dogs around the world? Look no further than Chris Christensen!

Shampoos and Conditioners

With chemistry and perseverance, Chris Christensen developed the first true colour correcting shampoo for canines.

White on White was one of the catalysts in the evolution of canine coat care. The momentum that followed has allowed Chris Christensen Systems to bring you the finest products ever available.

From all-breed products to coat type specific care; from superb deep treatments to effective quick fixes; from colour enhancements to styling solutions; from hand-crafted tools to state-of-the-art shears... Chris Christensen is proud to offer a full line of products to keep the coats you care for in prime condition.

Plush Puppy

Plush Puppy is an all Australian made product company specialising in dog grooming products for the serious show exhibitor and groomer. We have been marketing and selling our grooming products worldwide for many years and have a vast Australian and international distribution network.

We are dog show people and own the # 1 All Breeds dog for Australia for 2005, 2006, 2007 with a Siberian Husky and currently 2008 with a Toy Poodle.

We understand the need for a great coat and that a well presented coat of true to standard texture and condition comes from a good routine and sympathetic, outcome based products.

We do not test on animals and wherever possible only use products that are organic or naturally sourced. Where the product does not lend itself to a natural source, we use as mild an alternative as possible.

Plush Puppy has a diverse range of grooming products that are specially formulated to give your dog the winning edge!